Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm not a wedding go-er... I don't know why, maybe its something in my genes. Whenever I go its because I've been compelled to or its just unavoidable. And such unavoidable weddings come once in a year or once in two years (I'm ashamed to say that, but its that bad... cant believe I missed almost all my friend's weddings)

One came up this year. Last weekend...and I say I must to go this one. I didn't have much of a choice anyways. So I traveled on a Friday, saw some friends in Abj on Friday in my dress on Saturday and went for the wedding. And it was a beautiful beautiful that I began to get dizzy with all the colorful attires and activities. 

The wedding apart from being a wedding could conveniently pass for a show too, where one would probably pay N10,000 for ticket and the caption would be: 'Jumai* hooks Femi*' 

Ministering: Bishop ****
Guest Speaker at the wedding: Dame Patience Goodluck Ebele
Featuring: Flavor, Uti (from big brother), Gordons, J-Martins and many others
MC: Jedi
Also Starring; Dangote Aliko, Ngozi Iweala, Otedola and many others

It was interesting to know that Jumai* and Femi* had known for 12 years...they dated earlier in 2003 for sometime on and off, broke up...went their separate ways after 2 years or so...dated others and but finally came back together in 2010. hmmmm.... okay the way it was told at the event, you would want to cry at how romantic it all seemed

Moral Lessons:

1. Love will find a way:  Whether you met 4 months ago or have known for 12 years... He/She that will come to you, will come

2. The Wedding Day will surely come: whether its Dame Patience that would be speaking at your church service, or its just your regular church wedding service without the interruption of the first lady, the day will come

3. ...and the D Day will go: oh yes, whether its 10,000 guests or just the regular 300-500 people, the wedding day will come to an end. Most times by 7pm that day

...and when the curtains have been closed and the applause ended and the guests have all gone home, you both will be alone, to begin your marriage 

4. But if you are the guest of such a glamorous wedding... go there with your business cards. Ah han... is it your wedding? Go and network o jare... the truth of the matter is your presence may not make much of a difference anyway, so why not make business contacts? 

Enough said already...cos all this kine wedding talk don dey make marriage hungry me

Nutty J


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. What will be will be oh, love definitely always finds its way home.

  3. lol, i was at this wedding.
    The groom is a good friend of mine.
    It was just one of the weddings i attended that day that had the same group of people from the first lady to the millionaires in attendance. Made me make up my mind that when love finds me, a small wedding is what i want... i wouldn't mind the gifts they got though :)

  4. I dont mind those gifts too ooo... mehnnn!!!

  5. was it adama's wedding

  6. from the sounds of it, it seem bigger than Ali's own, although tessy is super conservative sha....

  7. Hmmm,it's rare to find a lady who doesn't like weddings.

    1. Hey I like weddings... I just rarely :P

  8. Yes o, after all is said and done, it is what follows the wedding that is koko. Not party, not guests, not gifts.

    Correct lady to think of networking. Na wedding cake we go chop? :D


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