Thursday, June 13, 2013


I began the tortuous process of watching Scandal. The process began with the decision to begin a drama series after painfully counting the costs which included having it at the back of my mind that this would herald the start of sleepless in Lagos. It’s been 72 hours and I’m almost at the end of season 2 and I feel like bursting

Olivia Pope: The beautiful, sexy little thing. An independent woman, an achiever, a goal setter and getter, the woman every man wants to be with but very few can handle. A woman like that in real life represents a threat to manhood, and would more often than not be discriminated against. But in ‘scandal’…she’s the fixer…the one that makes things happen, or disappear…and appear. A professional fixer who once worked on the President’s campaign. In fact she is on a kentro level and only the love of one man, makes us see that she’s actually a woman

Mr. President: Tall, broad, handsome, always have the subtle boyish smile waiting to melt the hearts of those who sees it…Unhappy in his marriage, a little bit clueless and madly in love with one woman. The only woman for which he knows no reason. It’s sad really  that the fear of being like his father (Big Jerry) makes him lack the ruthless qualities the president of the free world should have. But he’s not doing badly.

Cyrus: Oh Cyrus the bulldog, dragon and ruthless knight of the Oval office…vicariously ruling through the president. His character makes me understand that as big as the sky is, not all of us can fly in it…some do their flying by helping others soar higher than the rest.

Mellie: Conniving, determined, ambitious pretty lady. Who loves her husband but is more in love with the power his position grants him. She’ll do anything to make him happy, but above all, she’ll do anything to make him remain in power…She’s not a First Lady content to play the background role...power hungry grabbing b*#ch

Scandal touches on the powers behind the power…it shows the conspiracies, the betrayals, the cover ups and the unimaginable things that goes on behind the political scene working together to make things appear perfect…. Its fast, its racy, it’s addictive, it’s too much pleasure and pain and rush in one movie…almost sinful.

Harrison: You can take everyone away from this drama  but leave Harrison for me... i'll gladly make him my scandal. Mehnnn I have children in my mind already for him... I took a keen interest in him when I met in at 'Stomp the Yard'... and I've watched him grow since then, I've dreamed of becoming 'Mrs Columbus Keith'  for a long time and I see little Keiths seated around our dinning table. I love you Columbus *Harrison* Keith. Fine boy no pimples, sexy eyes...dangerous playful smile...and a voice that just arouses my sexual goddess ..oh Keith when will you Marry me na, stop teasing me. leave my dreams and come and sing in real life for me...

Shonda Rhimes creates some very beautiful on edge stories, take Grey’s Anatomy for instance. She know son'thing for that her head.  Good work Shonda... keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

Nutty Jay


  1. Gawd, I am so so so addicted. I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms for this show. I can't wait for season 3 to start. You have to give it up for Shonda...making me tear up on Greys and making me clutch the edge of my seat for Scandal, all in one night arrgggg

    P.S: Columbus is MINE!!! *draws sword*

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