Thursday, January 17, 2013

Special Announcement

I'm back on Blackberry. This week to be precise... Some of you might be wondering what's so special about that. Some of you even know why, but cannot remember...but those who read this blog and love me, like aunty Joxy and few others, they will remember why it's a special announcement.

Anyways for the new comers here that are curious to know... It's here.  For those that cannot remember, #godiswatchingyou

In another news... We need to pray. In everything we do, lets fear God and ask for direction. In your decision making, in your going out and coming the paths you choose to thread, acknowledge God and ask for direction. And pray that he gives you a listening hear. So that when the direction comes, you don't wave it off nonchalantly.

One special prayer I want you to pray...which I am praying is:

'Father in heaven,  do not make me make the mistake that will truncate/ruin my Destiny'

Pray it was laid in my heart tonight. Pray it

I love you

Nutty J.


  1. Father in heaven do not allow me make the mistake that will ruin my destiny.

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  3. Father in heaven, do not make me make the mistake that will truncate/ruin my Destiny. Amen!!

    And congratulations *happy dance*

  4. A huge Amen to that one.
    I honestly do not know about you and blackberry. Following the link right now to find out :)

    1. Thanks for doing research on it. You are welcome here

  5. Congrats on the new job and Amen to that prayer!

  6. You blackberry messenger contacts would be happy to have you back after a long while.And amen to the prayer.That's a very strong prayer.

  7. That was some sacrifice o. Congratulations on the new job. May it bring you peace.


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