Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taking That Step...

...could be one of the hardest things we can imagine. Especially when we mull it over and over and  analyse and over analyse. Most times we have solid ideas that if actualized can make all the difference we have been praying for, but 98% of those times that is what it remains: SOLID IDEAS

So I have learnt to ask myself:

What's stopping me?

The answers are almost always the same:

1. Fear of Failure
2. Laziness
3. Uncertainty

What you can do... is get out of your own way, and just do it. Don't spend all the time thinking about it instead of acting on it. Just do it

In case you don't succeed... pick yourself up and try again. 

Just do it... you will never know for certain 'what could have been' until you try.

Till the next one,

Nutty J


  1. Totally spunds like the voice in my head when I wrote this post
    Indeed, sometimes, you just gotta do it to do it!

  2. This is so where i'm at right now. i'm a true pisces - indecisive, over-analytical and i've been mulling something over all year - just read your post and went 'screw it, i'm doing it' and i am! so thanks :)

  3. My darling, How are you? Hope say you dey okay?
    It's been a while..
    Missed you sha ooo

  4. For me it is the fear of failure that scares me the most. it is hard to let down somebody more so if that somebody means so much to you.

  5. the fear of failure is my greatest fear of all...getting over that right now.


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