Monday, October 4, 2010

Nigeria @ 50- Day 16- Arise O Compatriots!!

Nigeria @ 50. Day 15 Fumms

Independence day I was at home...what with bombs flying up and down that morning, I didnt want to be caught is around the corner you know. Thus I was nearby to hear what people had to say about Nigeria on TV...going up and down the house eating one junk to the other, one eye on the TV and another eye on the fried rice I was making (yelz na...fried rice is almost green and Nigeria is green...patriotism) until one woman on TV said ''I am Nigerian but dont ask me if I'm a proud Nigerian becos I am not and never have been proud of Nigeria''

Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call serve our father's land with love and strength and faith. How did we manage to sing the National Anthem without getting the true meaning? Many of us are like that woman...but how do we get off thinking like that? Nigeria is messed up we say...but can you stand up and point an edifice tagged NIGERIA? from where you stand can you point and say: take left, turn right keep going and you'll see this great structure called your answer is as good as mine...there is no structure like and I are the Nigeria we most often times are not proud of. Nigeria is messed up? Then bravo!!! so are you... ''I'm not proud of Nigeria!!'' just means you are not proud of YOURSELF. Its wake up time people...its time we arise and heed the call to serve our father's land.

Lets play a game now, shall we...I want you to name one thing you have done for your country to bring about positive could be anything so long as it has helped Nigeria one way or the other...make a mental list of them and imma not talking about you tweeting and raising issues of 15 kidnapped children on facebook while your friends comment and condemn Goodluck Jonathan. I'm talking about you doing something for Nigeria that has made Nigeria a better place....*please submit list after the class*. But just in case you don't have that list...this is what you and I can do:

- We could serve Nigeria with love, L-O-V-E that comes from deep within your heart...a love that doesn't grow weary even when you are disappointed.

- We are to serve with strength...don't sit on your arse becos you love Nigeria...that is not enough, back up your love with action. Start with the change you want Nigeria to be...then move from there by affecting your environment positively...Nigeria is corrupt? then don't encourage corruption by turning a blind eye when you see it happening. Nigeria is lawless? Then teach your kids how to wait in line to use the men's room instead of urinating behind the bush...teach them how to respect road users....raise them to respect the law.

- We need to serve with faith, in such a way that even when you don't see immediate result, you still believe, becos you know that soon very soon your hard work would yield fruits. That is faith...evidence of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. There can be miracles, when you believe....though hope is frail, its hard to kill

Remember that The labour of our hero's past shall never be in vain...all those who died in the fight for a better Nigeria...who fought with their might, intellect and not let their fight be in vain by sitting there doing nothing. Pick up from where they left of. Just incase you do not know, our leadership is a reflection of don't talk of equity and fairness when your hands are idle. If you think our leaders are corrupt, then you get off your behind and take a the incorruptibly leader...enough of leaving it in the hands of those you term 'corrupt'...go forth and be at the helms of affair..if not you then who?

Keep in mind that in our pursuit of a better Nigeria, a time would come where we get discouraged and frustrated and threatened and weary and mocked, a time would come where your might would fail you and your zeal would dwindle....this is the time were you let your heart keep you going...when you feel like you don't have the strength anymore, when your morale is at zero level.....let your heart carry you on....let what you feel deep down for the cause carry you body said it would be easy...but still we will be here to serve with heart and might

And no matter your zone or tribe and ethnicity we are One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity, so forget all those talk of zoning and majority and minority, at this age we should know matter how crazy it gets, don't ever forget that we are one

I'm supposed to write about the nation Nigeria...but there would be no nation without the people who make up the and I...believing in ourselves, believing in Nigeria...believing we can make the difference.

Who knows what miracles, you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will, You will when you believe.

Oh God of creation, please direct our noble cause....Guide our leaders right...and Help our youth the truth to know. Amen

Next on Nigeria @ 50. Day 17 Rayo


  1. really uplifting and inspiring...thumbs up :)

  2. I Love the way you used the anthem(which we once sang everyday in pry school) to drive home the lessons! LOL@ children not urinating in bushes! Its not only children that need to wait in line, grown men too:)) Great Post

  3. Definitely, a lot of bad habits need to go, fast. Lets hope there is a collective will that would make this happen.

    - Naijalines.

  4. ....and when tis all done and 'said', believe the initial actions begin with us. Yes, we.

  5. Hi my Nutty professor,

    You really did the thang with this one. I mean, I felt your spirit all the way over here in Iowa.

    "That is faith...evidence of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. There can be miracles, when you believe....though hope is frail, its hard to kill"

    I really like that.

  6. A ray of hope....! just heard over the weekend about a senator who could not recite or sing the national anthem....Maybe it should be made compulsory!!!

  7. Love the way you used the used the National Anthem to drive home your points. One of the best I have read so far

  8. It is time to get off our behinds and do something!
    We can start by registering to vote.

  9. You are raw and blunt
    but yes
    you did get your message across.

    I'll try to do something for Nigeria
    instead of just not giving and taking bribes
    and having integrity
    Those are all for me
    Not Nigeria.
    I'll pick and do something for her.

    Lol @ Nigeria is not some edifice, it is you and I.


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