Friday, June 11, 2010

If I hear one more word about football...

For goodness sake what is this madness? Are people getting less busy or maybe i'm just grown up because this is the first time I'm ever hearing/feelin much hype about a football tournament.

Football: Harmless object being chased around field by grown sweaty men.

Worldcup: A cup for the whole world.

eh that not all so what is this madness? oghene biko...

Maybe someone can help me feel the rush...cos left for me, if it doesnt enhance my IQ (which it doesnt) or it doesnt add to my finances (which it doesnt) I could care less.

This rant is as a result of the conversation I had via phone this evening

Me : Girly whats up? I've been calling you where you put your phone?

Friend:: Sorry no vex...wanted to call back but no credit, and I couldnt tear myself off the match...hope you are watching it.?

huh?...see this babe oh..we need to solidify our plans for tomorrow... and she de yarn about match. Since when na?

Me: Watch which match? na my family de play? anyways shey we are still on for tomorrow....I really want us to check the shops in the mainland so we'll be starting from Ikeja. I'll be at your place say 11am so we can get a early sta....

Friend: (interrupts)....em I was thinking we could start earlier...say 8:30am...u know we might waste time na...and I want to get home at least by 2am

Me: Ha!! you could have told me your fiance is still in town na...we would have re-scheduled

Friend: Oh no no no...he's gone. I want to get back in time for the Nigeria- Argentina football match

Okay now i'm properly is making my friend cut short a day that promises to be funfilled. Na wa oooo...who goes shopping as early as 8am by the way? them dey pursue me from house? And did she just say we might waste time? see watin football de cause? A girl for that matter...a girly kind of girl. When I was climbing trees as a child, she was playing with barbie and cooking with sand and stone on pretend firewood.

FIFA slow your role, let my people go....and all you lovers of football relax na. There is more to life ooo than this upcoming one month of football madness.

I rest my case



  1. looool! if facebook has taught us anything it is the fact that we all need to conect with each other.

    So games are as good a medium as any.:)

    Shey you no say na first day e still dey so? looo

  2. lmao - sorry o, but soccer is here to stay for a month, and cant wait for the match tomorrow...

  3. One word for u:


    Period :)


  4. This babe, you are on your own oh...see as us wey dey yankee wake up before 8am in preparation for the match. Feel the frenzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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