Monday, March 28, 2016

I Am Stuck!!!

I am lying in bed tonight, disgruntled, a lot running through my mind and I feel stuck. I feel like everything and everyone around me is making significant progress or at least have got it all figured out for themselves... except me 

It is an annoying state of mind. I literally do not know what to do or even what I am doing (come to think about it). About anything 

And the fact that Nigeria seems to be folding up is not helping matters. 

The weather is constantly hot, there is no steady light, there is no fuel for generator, there is no fuel for my car that is bought effortlessly without queuing, inflation is unbearable. Did I mention that the weather is unbearably hot?

And to crown it up like I said, I really really feel stuck in a never ending circle!!

The public holiday ends today and work starts tomorrow and I am just not myself 

I am not happy. 


  1. Darling, I feel you. Over the last couple of months I've felt so stuck. I fell out of love with life, myself and God. I felt it was just me. I'm glad to know I was not alone ("glad" is a poor choice of words...sorry) But I feel if I'm still here, I have to fight for the right to live and enjoy my life regardless of the crap going on around me. I'm rekindling my love affair with God. It's a start for me. Hugs and prayers for you. May it get better. Amen.

    1. I think what happens when we get 'stuck', is a calling to find out what exactly it is we are living for.

      What is my purpose on earth

      The process of discovering that leads to freedpm. Its a journey. One I embarked on recently after I did this post

      Thank you for commenting CherryWine

  2. I know this feeling, I have been there...mine has been mostly career wise and with the company...I just keep believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This will get better.


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