Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ha...can't believe I havent said anything here in a while. I've been swamped with alot of projects and all I just want to do when I come to blogsville is read other blogs and get me mind off things.

Anyways I've been pondering on how we spend all our time chasing things. One degree or the other, one job and then wanting a better one...fulfilling one ambition that paves way for a new need.

Yesterday i was drenched in rain going to write one exam which made me miss going to work for that day and during the exam when I was confronted with some questions I had no answer for like 'When was Ebonyi state formed" and another 'Who was responsible for the X, Y theory' I wondered when it will be enough. When will the hustling for something 'better' end. How do we know if what we have already isn't the 'better' we are looking for. Are we trying to prove something? Are we just greedy by nature...or is it natural to always want more.

When would it be enough? Would enough ever be good enough. I cant help wondering.



  1. Feeesssttt!

    Nice post. the quest/hunger/thirst for something better is in everyone one and i doubt if its ever gonna stop....fact of life i guess. we always want better cars, better houses, better jobs, better cloths, if we can - better boyfriends or husbands sef. thats the way it is.

    all the best in ur exam.

  2. Omoteee: Thanks girl...I go pass the exam.

    So I guess wanting more is natural then.


  3. i don't think it will ever be enough unfortunately....good luck on your exams

  4. Goodluck with everything babe. It shall be well.

  5. We will always strive to be in a better condition... that is how we are by nature, yet we need to balance it before we get greedy you know...

  6. I guess by nature, we are constantly striving for more. But sometimes what we have is indeed good enough.

  7. @ All: Thank you for your comment and goodluck wishes.

    yeah...I do agree for the need to balance it, cos really what we have sometimes is indeed enuff.

  8. Well Nutty J, what you say?

    I mean, Hello,

    Hi, I am CareyCarey, from carrymehome. I just dropped by to pay you a visit since you had the courage to drop by my humble abode.

    I hope things are going well.

    I am always hungry for a bit of knowledge, so I'll return to see if you drop some on the floor.


  9. Lovely note. I see the act of wanting more as a healthy indication of life and living.

    This 'Enough' is guaranteed by death, at least no one is rushing to achieve an objective in the grave, everybody is resting..abi?


    p.s: My sweetheart am sorry for not meeting up on the request, please dont let it stop you from asking whenever you need anything in the future.:(

  10. When life's journey ends then, we will naturally not strive for more. However, striving for 'more' does not necessarily equate not good enough.

  11. "Say it as you mean it"

    Well, I had to come back because I didn't recognize "you" when you came through. I mean, I think I called you The Nutty Professor, you know, like a dude. I am sorry for that. My new nickname for you.... Miss Nutty Jay, The Professor.

    Thanks for the holler. You are a wise person.

  12. Rethots: I feel you on that one...

    Carey Carey: Ya I knew you didnt recognize the name when you called me a 'guy' in one of those comments....

    Why, thank you sire for the 'wise person' remark.

  13. lol...u're a fun person. wonder why i'm just reading your blog for the first time i think...
    love ur blog and the way you express your opinions

    p.s : X,Y THEORY was by McGregor. it has to do with theories of human motivation. X represents people who are lazy by nature in the sense that they don't believe in hardwork but rather have the mentality that for e.g "i'll get that promotion if God wills" and the Y people believe that with hardwork and favourable conditions, anything can be achieved. its a theory for managers to know the classes of people he has and how to handle and motivate them.....i just wrote an exam on it two weeks ago!


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